Resistance training is a necessary component to any fitness program and a great complement to the Spinning® program. Flex uses flex bands, tubing and dumbbells to train the major muscles groups, paying special attention to the upper body. 

Core Training
Core training develops strength and stability in the body's core, which translates to more cycling power, improved balance and enhanced functional movement. 

Cycling specific asanas (yoga poses) that help elongate muscles, release tension, deepen the breath and improve posture. 


Designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body

"A few well designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion." Joseph H. Pilates

Practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous benefits, including:

     (1) increased lung capacity

     (2)improved circulation, strength, flexibility (particularily of the abdomen and back                muscles)

     (3)improved coordination (both muscular and mental), posture, balance and core strength, bone density and joint health.

Interesting fact: "shockingly, during an influenza outbreak, the interns who practiced Pilates Mat work did not get sick. This is because Pilates believed that circulation was the key to health, and his exercises stimulated white blood cell development in the body"

The 3 overriding principles of Pilates: 

     (1) Whole body health

     (2) Whole body commitment

     (3) Breath

There are 6 guiding principles in the method:

      (1) Concentration

      (2) Centering

      (3) Control

      (4) Breathing

      (5) Precision

      (6) Flowing Movement

The Powerhouse is the focal point of all Pilates exercises. The powerhouse is the area of the body that powers movement. It is described as a 4 inch band that wraps around the middle from the hips to the ribcage, back to front. The Power house also includes the buttocks and inner thigh muscles, supporting it above and below. It is a concept rather than an anatomical location."

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