An Official  Spinning®  Facility - TNT  Freewheeling at the American Legion, Caledonia, NY. 

The bikes are all Spinning® Pro Bikes which are heavy, sturdy, smooth bikes with monitors to show cadence (rpm), heart rate, miles, calories and time. As a rider, you are in control of your work out. You choose a relaxing "ride in the park", a challenging sweat drenching "miles of rolling hills" or a mix of both each time you ride. You will cover a few miles or more than 15 miles per work out depending on your effort and amount of resistance you control on your bike. It's a great low impact cardio work out.   Music and instruction will keep you moving...relax and enjoy your ride - you will love it! 

 Interesting fact: "shockingly, during an influenza outbreak, the interns who practiced Pilates Mat work did not get sick. This is because Pilates believed that circulation was the key to health, and his exercises stimulated white blood cell development in the body"

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